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Account Inactivity Process:  User accounts will be considered inactive after 30 days of inactivity, locked/disabled after 60 days of inactivity and deleted after 90 days of inactivity.
Account Recertification Process:  Starting in June 2016, CCaR Application users will receive an email notice 30 days prior to their annual account anniversary that instructs them to review their DD2875 to verify that blocks 13, 16, and 16a are still accurate. After the email notice is sent, the system will prompt users during login to certify their DD2875 is still accurate. If their DD2875 needs to be updated, the user must resubmit a DD2875 prior to their annual account anniversary. If the user fails to submit a new DD2875 within the 30 day window, their account will be locked/disabled.
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